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19th January 2018

8:00a – 5:00p,

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15300 Kanis Road,

Little Rock, AR 72223

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Fee Only Advice

We provide objective advice without influence
from commissions or referrals.

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Investment Guidance

We bring proven industry expertise
in driving our investment approach.

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Friendly Service

We’re famous for our friendly, personal help
with every area of your financial affairs.

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Financial Planning

We understand you’re saving for all different life events: retirement, a house or simply to build wealth.


We don’t adhere to the basic buy and hold approach only. We institute hedge strategies to help reduce volatility.


No matter where you want your retirement savings to take you, it’s quick and easy to set up a personal pension.

What we Offer

We provide expert financial advice. With our many years of experience, we’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance from the smartest people in the industry. For businesses and individuals, you can rely on the team of Ally Wealth Management to deliver.
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About Us

Whether you are seeking a well-financed retirement or leaving a legacy to loved ones, the staff of Ally Wealth Management are equipped to aid you in your quest. Our many years of professional investment experience, with our specialty being income management, equips us to assist those who rely on their savings to cover a portion of their retirement expense. In addition, we have developed a system designed to help grow the value of that portfolio over the long-term, through a variety of investment styles and tools. The catalyst is an allocation system that not only helps reduce investment risk through proper asset diversification, but also takes advantage of market swings through periodic rebalancing. Find out what we can do for you today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is my money?

To understand what safe means, we must first define risk. Oftentimes we succeed in removing one risk, only to find we have created another. We might put all our money into a bank CD, in hopes of protecting our principal, but find we have now exposed it to inflation decay. While this question cannot be answered fully in this small space, please understand that Steve firmly believes diversification, client education, and rebalancing helps reduce risk, and creates opportunities in up and down markets.

How much will your services cost?

Within the investment community, there are several ways advisors are paid. The three most common are commission, fee-based, and mark-up/mark-down. Ally Wealth Management never charges a commission. The format used is a fee-based system. This is a flat, non-rising fee, based on assets under management. The structure is between 0.80% to 1.5% depending on the size of the portfolio. Consequently, if you make more money, we make more money. If you make less money, so do we. This aligns his interests with yours, which is the way it should be.

Will I understand your investment choices?

Investing is a complicated exercise for anyone. Even experts in the industry have trouble understanding every nuance of the trade. Therefore, we take every effort to explain where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there, in simple terms. Education can reduce fear. Understanding the fact that markets move in cycles, can help alleviate stress, when the inevitable downturn occurs.

How do I roll my retirement account into an IRA?

When retirement day comes, there is often little help in transitioning from your contribution plan with your employer, into your personal IRA. We have done this hundreds of times, for almost every type of plan out there, including 401(k), 403(b), T-DROP/DROP, TSP, Arkansas Diamond, TIAA CREF, Valic, and more. We walk with you through this transition step by step. Too often retirees make irreparable mistakes with their rollover, which can trigger unnecessary taxes.

What happens after the rollover?

Once all rollovers and transfers are complete, it is time to address the allocation of your lifetime savings. You spent the first half of your adulthood saving for this day. Now, it’s time to put these savings to work, so that you can safely draw an income from it for the second half of your life. Today, a couple can expect one of them to live in retirement for over 35 years! Don’t try this without a plan. Studies have shown that 94% of a portfolio’s return is the result of asset allocation. This is at the heart of what Ally Wealth Management does.

Lending a helping hand for people like you.


of Americans don’t save anything for retirement


of elderly Americans would fall below the federal poverty line, if it wasn’t for Social Security.


of American workers expect to work after they are “retired”

Why Choose Us?


We have over a decade of experience providing expert financial advice and providing first class customer service.


Our enthusiastic team is always ready to help, no matter what your level of investing is.


Our Consultant expertise ensures you get the best service.

For expert financial advice, you can trust Ally Wealth Management

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