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BIG Changes in the Stock Market

It looks like the UK’s decision to leave the EU has added fuel to the growing dissatisfaction with three years of globalization.

However, Geopolitical conditions are ever shifting, but great businesses always seem to find a way to adapt and prosper over time. For example, REITS and Utility stocks are actually going up in this downturn.

According to Investor Business Daily’s creator, William O’Neal, the typical bull market lasts almost 4 years, while the classic bear market lingered only nine months.

Our current decline could be an opportunity for the savvy investor. As a consultant, I am long term in my focus, which requires that I not confuse political impacts on the market, with genuine economic movements. Sudden downturns, like the one Brexit is causing now, may actually turn out to be an invitation.

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Target’s Transgender Policy Impacts Shares

As I’m sure you know by now, On April 19, Target issued a news release announcing its bathroom policy, which allows people who self-identify as the opposite sex from which they were born, to use the restroom of their choice. Was this a smart move? Well, it depends on who you ask.

Target Corporation said the company’s restroom policy did not hurt its traffic. That’s according to a note published by Cowen & Co. citing a meeting with Target Chief Financial Officer, Cathy Smith. Read more